Sunday, September 7, 2014

Body Journey

I believe every woman goes through the same phases in a weight-loss journey. I'm over it. I'm over weight loss. I'm always focused on what the scale says. Why does it matter what I weigh?

So I'm trying a different perspective on for size. I'm still going to weigh myself, but more on a weekly basis versus an every day on. Heck! Maybe even a fortnight basis. (Fortnight is a favorite word of mine btw) I'm going to focus on how I feel, and how my clothes fit. 

I've recently gotten relatively into weight lifting. Not your 5lbs dumbbells, but heavy weights. In two weeks I've lost 7 lbs, and I fit back into my pants again. It is the most amazing feeling in the world to fit back into one's pants comfortably. Yes, I lost weight. However, 5 of them was probably water weight, and 2 were probably actually fat. Not a very dramatic change, since I'm counting 5 of them as that stubborn weight fluctuation us girls experience (at least on my end). 

Another trap I've fell into a lot, is setting goals that are too far out time-wise. I usually give myself a year to make small-ish changes. Such as losing 15 lbs. A year should be plenty of time. It is, it is way more than enough time. However, that is the problem. I take things too slow, fall off the train, you get the idea. So I'm giving myself until December to hit a 'comfortable-in-my-bikini' goal. I'd love to drop a few pounds, but honestly, my weight isn't really changing anything. My goal is to be back down 2 pants sizes (so back to a solid 4). I can squeeze back into my size 4 jeans, but it's still not the most comfortable experience. 

So here's my pledge to the internet! I'm entering  a new body journey! I'm going to focus on how I feel, how my clothes are fitting, and not how much the scale is moving. I'm 12 weeks away from my goal today, so I'm going to do weekly check-ins, and post my progress. 

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