Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mochi Things

It's no secret I have an addiction to sticky notes. I have a mass collection of quirky and nerdy sticky notes, so when I came across these Tetris themed sticky notes on Mochithings.com I couldn't believe I didn't already have them. 

I also picked up these tracing sticky notes. Those in the Filofax world have seen the crazy of transparent sticky notes. I've had several versions of them before, but I find these to be a bit different. They don't really look transparent at all until you put a single sheet over something. It truly is like tracing paper, if you've ever hand any experience with that. 

Below those two is a rather large monthly calendar sticky note pad. You fill in the dates and month yourself. There are 50 sheets in each pad. I'm a planner addict, so I had to have them. 

Here are the links!

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