Monday, September 15, 2014

Get Ready With Me: Week 38

I love looking at my planner after I go though and color code everything! I usually do this on Friday before the following week. However, some times I will update my planner daily. That usually keeps me on top of things, and colorful. Life gets busy though, so I didn't quite get to putting my planner together until yesterday.

I write everything as it is assigned, comes up, etc in Frixion pen, then I do a mass erase and washi! If you're curious what I write on my washi tape with, I use a fine point Sharpie. Not a sharpie pen, they tend to smear which is not the look I'm going for. 

I used my page flags from the Target dollar spot to represent the big things this week, and some washi tape, also from Target dollar spot.


  1. I love your page marker--where is it from? TIA!

    1. It's a Project Life divider that I cut down and re-punched. I believe it's from the Midnight Collection.